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Munir Alubaidi

1949     was born in Diyala province- Buhriz, Iraq
1970     BA from the University of Baghdad

1969     joined a free atelier of the college of art under the
supervision of the late artist pro. Khalid Al-  Jadir. The date     of        establishing the group of Al-Adab for fine art which included: Imad Abdul-Salam Rauf , Ula Al-Tai, Abdul-Hadi Al-Adli, Munir Al-Ubaidi and others..

1970     The first exhibition of the group at the Hall of the college of art.

1977 study at the Institute of Social Sciences in Moscow

1985 full-time artist. published several articles in Iraqi newspapers 1985 1989 participations in Many joined exhibitions ( the spring and  summer
exhibitions at Al-Orfali gallery, Festival Al-Wasiti .. Etc.).

1989   the first one-man exhibition at Al- Rashid gallery in Baghdad. 1990   re-establishing the group "Friends of Art" with Muafak Al-Khatib and others. the opening of a gallery and an exhibition to display the works of the group

1990   1993 participated in many joint exhibitions amongst “Iraqi Impressions” at the Hall of Al-Nasr Gallery (previously the National Museum of Modern Art ) and the exhibition “We and the poets” at Al- Tahrir gallery.

1993   the 2nd personal exhibition in Berlin after invitation of the news agency (owm)

1994    the 3rd personal exhibition at Orfali gallery in Baghdad
1994 1997   participated in many group exhibitions in Damascus ( Naseer Shura gallery), in Amman (Hammurabi gallery), Tunisia, the Arab Emirates and other countries. 1997 the 4th personal exhibition at Hammurabi gallery in Amman, Jordan.

1997 2000    participated in many joint exhibitions in Baghdad and other Arab capitals.
2000    to leave Iraq and settle in the German capital Berlin. 2004 the 5th personal Exhibition at the gallery (Box 66) in Berlin. 2008 hosted by Salon (Hiwarat) to talk about works.

Group Exhibitions in Germany
2001 2009

2001 with Mansour al-Bakri, Fahmi Palayi and Adnan Shino in the Iraqi Cultural Club (Al-Rafidain) in Berlin. 2002 with Mansour al-Bakri, Ahmed Shamma at the Arab Cultural Institute.

2003 joint Exhibition at (Club Spittelkolonnaden) in Berlin with Mansour al-Bakri.

In the Iraqi cultural club ( Alrafidain) with Ali Mizel, Nasreen Shaba, Fahmi Palayi and others.

 2007 joint exhibition “near- far away” with 12 artists from different nationalities in the city of New Holland in the outskirts of Berlin.

2007 joint Exhibition in the city of Liebenberg- Germany in the framework of the cultural organisation Rabennest ( crow nest ).

2008 Joint exhibition in the ( Werkstatt der Kulturen )with the artists: Daud Salman, Abeer Kayyali, Ahmad Shamma, Fahmi Palayi and others.

2008 the joint exhibition (triangle Baghdad-Berlin-Moscow) with the artists Yury Arefiev (Russia) Tom Albrecht (Germany).

2008 the exhibition (coincidence- encounter) with Ibrahim Coskun (Turkey), Herman Flint (Germany), Yuri Arfiyev (Russia) at Charlie gallery in Berlin.


2006    from January to May course to teach watercolour at the Iraqi Cultural Club.

2006 - 2007    course “how to paint with watercolour” in collaboration with the organisation "foreigners with us" in the multicultural house in Schöneberg- Berlin.

Since 2007 still ongoing course to teach watercolour at the Turkish Women's Organization (KIDÖB).

2009 how to paint (portrait) with Acrylic at the multicultural house Schöneberg- Berlin. 2009 how to paint with Acrylic colour a course for men and women from different nationalities at high school (Volkshochschule).